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Welcome to my dedicated WeakAuras section!

Here you will find general information, instructions, and useful links pertaining to the best addon ever.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

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General Information

All of the information in this section is about WeakAuras 2. You can download the addon here. Other addons such as PowerAuras and TellMeWhen are completely different addons and won't work with the informations here.


The only thing you really need to know to get started is what a string is. A string is just a jumbled mix of letters you'll see posted here and on pastebin that we use to import, export, and share our WeakAuras. Everything else should be relatively self-explanatory.


Instructions: Importing

1) Find the string you wish to import and copy it with "Ctrl+C".

2) In-game, type /wa to open the WeakAuras config window.

3) Click "Import" on the right hand side of the window.

4) Paste the string you copied into the text box that appears with "Ctrl+V".

5) After it loads in, it should look like similar to the image below. Next, click the red import button and you're all done!


You should be able to select your WeakAuras using the list on the left side of the config window. You can move the selected WeakAura by dragging it around.


Instructions: Exporting

1) In-game, type /wa to open the WeakAuras config window.

2) Right-click the group or WeakAura you want to export and click "Export to string...".

3) Copy the string with "Ctrl+C".

4) Paste it wherever you want to share it with "Ctrl+V". I highly reccomend using Pastebin to share and backup your WeakAuras as it's easy, safe, fast, and pretty much standard in the community.



WeakAuras Forums are the place to go with questions, requests, or to see WeakAuras created by other members of Fever.

Current Tier WeakAuras contains links to WeakAuras for the current raid tier, Blackrock Foundry.

Old/Miscellaneous WeakAuras is where we store WeakAuras from previous raid tiers or ones that don't fit anywhere else.

My Pastebin is where you can find strings for pretty much all of my WeakAuras. This is usually the best place to get updated versions of whatever I'm using.

Vox Immortalis is a guild website with an amazing WeakAuras tutoring thread with many useful questions, answers, and examples.

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