Blackrock Foundry

 Author: Howrey


Blackrock Foundry WeakAuras: Part 1 / Part 2


a) These WeakAuras are intended for use with the latest version of the WeakAuras 2 addon. It can be found here.

b) I would post a list or image of all the auras in this group but considering the fact that there are almost 80 it seems a little silly.

c) To update the group: Delete the old group first! To do this, right-click the group and click DELETE GROUP AND CHILDREN. If you don't, you'll spend forever deleting them individually.

d) Feel free to delete individual auras as you wish. If you don't need to know something, delete it. You can always import these again later if you mess anything up.



Full instructions for importing WeakAuras can be found here.

1) After importing, you should end up with a column of icons and back in the regular config window. Like this:

2) Should you wish to move the column, drag the bottom icon to where you want the stack to begin. Like so:


3) If you want to change anything else such as stack direction, spacing, alignment, etc., select each group and play around with the options under the "Group" tab. If you find any bugs or have requests contact me or post in the WeakAuras Forum.

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